At SHEET METAL PRODUCT, we want to be flexible, so we provide tailor-made services. We offer our customers a “one stop shop” for all metal element production requirements.

Assembly department

We provide services to take your product from design to delivery without stress.

The assembly department of the SHEET METAL PRODUCT company has extensive experience in assembling various
components and products, working according to technical drawings and strict quality standards.

We manage all aspects of the assembly process, from supply chain management of additional components, to complete product assembly.

Other services include quality testing, packaging and delivery directly to the customer.

Before the final assembly, there is a phase of controlling the realization of your project by taking each component part and assembling them in our production facility, testing each one for fit and quality.

SHEET METAL PRODUCT can provide complete assemblies or lower level subassemblies.

We have the capacity and expertise to integrate mechanical or electrical components, from hinges and switches to control panels and interactive displays.