CNC sheet punching

CNC punching plays a significant role in sheet metal production at SHEET METAL PRODUCT and is often the first process on the way to produce a component.

CNC metal punching technique

It is an efficient CNC metal punching technique that can also quickly create metal forms such as recesses and protrusions, often eliminating the need for additional operations.
We can produce complex parts in minutes. With the help of CAD/CAM software, each sheet of metal is used to its maximum, reducing the amount of waste material and reducing the cost per component.

We design cutting patterns, using specialized software, to be as efficient as possible. Before the introduction of CNC controlled machines, it took hours, if not days, to produce a relatively simple sheet metal part (a little like CAD technology replacing manual technical drawings).

Each clover, including all the holes, cuts and notches, would have to be hand-made by a skilled technician. You can imagine the impact on delivery times and costs, borne by both the manufacturer and the customer.
With increasingly advanced manufacturing and computer technology, CNC machines can punch out anything from simple shapes like circles or squares to more challenging geometric designs.

It can do all of this in a fraction of the time of the pre-CNC era, offering huge savings to you as the customer AND dramatically reducing lead times.
Using a combination of CNC punching and software, we can create components, either from original blueprints or from model sketches. You can provide us with files ready to go or we can discuss your ideas AND come up with a design for you.

Once the design is approved, with the help of CNC technology, drilled components are produced in minutes. This means we can offer you one of the shortest delivery times available.