Metal welding

Metal fabrication requires a high degree of experience and skill. Although there is an increasing amount of automation in today’s processes, we rely on our expert technicians to produce the perfect finish.

Metal welding facilities at SHEET METAL PRODUCT

We know you won’t expect anything less.
We work with companies in a wide range of sectors with the ability to offer large and small series metal products.
SHEET METAL PRODUCT’s metal welding facilities include highly skilled manual MIG and TIG welding for a wide range of steel and non-ferrous metals.
Our experienced welding team specializes in welding small to medium diameter materials and is trained to a very high standard. We manufacture components and welded assemblies of various sizes, materials and levels of complexity.
We supply high-quality precision metal products to a variety of industry sectors, where quality control and tolerances are critical.

In addition to our welding services, SHEET METAL PRODUCT offers multiple metal finishing services, including processes such as grinding and polishing metal parts to the highest quality.